The "LogoMotivator" huh?

I'm sitting here having cappuccino number two - at Casa Mennone in Segromigno in Monte, Italy - and hopping online to see what's going on with my book, Identity Crisis! When I last posted on this blog, prior to going off to Venice for three days, it was to announce my upcoming Portland book signing.

I thought that the book event might allow me to meet some of the Portland design community with whom I've had online connections, including a couple contributors to the book, but have never met in person. One of those individuals I hoped to see at the St. Johns Booksellers is Samuel John Klein, designer and blogger of The ZehnKatzen Times. Several times he's been nice enough to post entries about me or my work. He's done it again, with a mention of the November 8th event. Unfortunately, he will be working that evening.

This is getting ridiculous. I guess we just need to make plans to get together for coffee at some point when I get back to the States.

Thanks for promoting the book and the book signing!

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