Neenah Paper toots about "Identity Crisis!" author Jeff Fisher on "Against The Grain" blog

I've been a fan of Neenah Paper products my entire 30+ year career, especially when I've needed quality stock for stationery packages designed for my varied clientele. However, I didn't have a personal relationship with the company until we started following each other on Twitter. (You'll find Neenah at @NeenahPaper and my ID is @LogoMotives) We really began to interact on Twitter while I was at the HOW Design Conference in Austin this past June. Since then we've had kind of an online "mutual admiration society."

A couple months ago, the offical Neenah "tweeter" (Jamie Saunders, Public Relations for Fine Paper) suggested that I be interviewed for the company's blog presence, Against The Grain. When interviewed, I was asked about social networking, my personal and career history, those in the design industry whose work I admire, creating a work life balance and more.

Part one of of Jeff Fisher of LogoMotives: Toot! Toot! went live last week. Jeff Fisher of LogoMotives: Toot! Toot!, Part 2 was posted earlier this week.

Making use of social networking led to this great promotion opportunity for my business - and I've used Twitter, Facebook, my Facebook fan page and other such methods to announce the fact. Neenah Paper, a company that certainly understands the value of social networking as a marketing and education tool, has done the same through their own Twitter and Facebook presences.

Thanks Neenah! See you in the cyber-sphere. Tweet! Tweet!

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