Identity Crisis! advance copy arrives

Amy Schell, my HOW Books editor for Identity Crisis!: 50 redesigns that transformed stale identities into successful brands (and Savvy Designer's Guide to Success), surprised me yesterday with the delivery of an advance copy of my book. It's an amazing feeling getting that first look at the actual product.

The book is exactly what I set out to write and the presentation of the content is incredible. Amy, book designer Grace Ring, and the entire HOW Books gang did a great job on this effort. I'm still repeatedly flipping through the book and checking it all out and I'm really pleased with the end result. I hope all contributors will be just as happy when the book is actually released.

The book is to arrive at the F+W/HOW warehouse in late September and then it's shipped out to booksellers around the world.

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John McCollum said...

Congratulations on the book! I placed my order today.

If you're planning a second version, I have some great case studies for you, including a redesign of Columbus Brewing Company that resulted in a nearly immediate (within 5 months) doubling of sales.

You can contact me via our website