Identity Crisis! goes to college

Yesterday was the first of several Identity Crisis! speaking engagements on my calendar. Program Director Gary Brown invited me to speak to the Capstone students in the School of Business Administration's Business Outreach Program at Portland State University. My presentation on branding and marketing tied in well with the course's current project work.

Student teams are paired with local existing businesses that need business and marketing assistance. Over the two-term course, students take on the role of small business consultant. At the end of the second term a written report is turned in at the time of the final team oral presentation. The format of the report is different for each team, as different businesses require different types of information. The report provides an overview of the client’s needs, work done throughout the project, and applicable recommendations for the client.

My own identity redesign case studies, examples from Identity Crisis! and shared marketing/advertising experience, gave students some "real world" examples and information to consider when dealing with the challenges of their own course "clients."

By the way, the Portland State University identity re-design, by firm Sockeye Creative, is showcased in Identity Crisis!.

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