A W.O.W. from Identity Crisis!

Scattered throughout my new book, Identity Crisis!: 50 redesigns that transformed stale identities into successful brands, are "Words of Wisdom" (W.O.W.) from a great group of design industry experts. I asked these individuals to contribute comments, for both designers and clients, in regards to the identity re-design process.

One such piece of advice, from Debbie Millman, reads in part:

If I had to one belief that I believe is most detrimental to many designers, it is this: that being a successful designer is all about being a fabulously talented designer. It is not. That is only one part of it. Being a fabulously talented designer is essentially achieving operational excellence, in the same way that Apple makes great iPods or Jimmy Choo makes great shoes.
Read Debbie's complete quote in Identity Crisis! - or check out more of her words of wisdom, and personal insights, on her blog or her Internet radio show Design Matters.

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