No Identity Crisis! at Powell's?

I've had numerous phone calls, emails and forum postings from people who have gone to Powell's City of Books (or have intended to do so) in downtown Portland and found that Identity Crisis! is not in stock. With recent local appearances, and published mentions, I know local designers are seeking the book. I thought it odd that the major independent bookstore in my hometown, with the best section of graphic design books in the city, didn't have the book at all. When my first book, The Savvy Designer's Guide to Success, was released the store had numerous copies available immediately.

The Powell's website, which still posts the incorrect title of the book (Update 11.19.07: OK, that's funny - overnight the title was corrected on the Powell's site), has shown a couple "used" copies of the book in recent weeks - which simply means that some individuals receiving local review copies have sold them. In contacting Powell's over a week ago, I learned that the two copies of Identity Crisis! ordered from the publisher were never shipped and therefore never arrived at the store. I was also told that the website listing for the number of book copies in a local warehouse is actually not that at all. The number of copies supposedly in a Powell's warehouse is, in reality, the number available from various regional book distributors.

I do understand that many interested in Identity Crisis! want to peruse a copy before buying the book. In buying design books, I always want to look before I buy. So, if you want to physically buy the book at Powell's you need to let them know they need to make copies available at the stores. (Years ago I lived four blocks from the store and was almost in need of rehab due to the illness of purchasing so many design volumes.) You may order the book from them and it will be shipped to the store for pickup or to your address.

If you are an individual who likes to support local, independent bookstores I would suggest picking up a copy of Identity Crisis! at St. Johns Booksellers in North Portland. Multiple signed copies of the book are available at my neighborhood bookstore - and the support of a small retailer will be greatly appreciated. You might want to inquire about the book at your own local independent bookstore, too.

In the Portland metropolitan area, I have also seen multiple copies of Identity Crisis! at major chain bookstores like Borders and Barnes & Noble. In fact, the other day I saw multiple copies of Identity Crisis! right next to two copies of my friend Von Glitschka's book Crumble. Crackle. Burn. I did some creative product placement on the shelf so both of our books had a much higher profile.

I do appreciate all the positive comments I have received about Identity Crisis!. The published reviews have been great. The book is out there - it just takes a little searching for it in some parts of the country (like my hometown).

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