Identity Crisis! has broad appeal - Designorati

With the subhead "Portland logo designer’s book illustrates ins and outs of brand rethinks in format that pleases both the logo maven and at least a few members of the public at large," writer Samuel John Klein has reviewed Identity Crisis: 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities into Successful Brands for the industry resource Designorati.

In part, Klein comments:

One thing we found in showing the book to some of our non- design-oriented friends was how popular it became amongst them. When they saw us reading it, they though maybe it was yet another design book for designers; when they got a chance to look into it, they couldn’t put it down–we had to pry it out of their hands just to get it back!

We’ve long felt that the public at large is more interested in design than they think they are, and for us, Identity Crisis! serves as evidence, aided and abetted by Jeff Fisher’s friendly style. This book will find a home not only on designer’s shelves but also the bookshelves of those who just plain like design and good writing.

The entire review is available on the Designorati site.

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