Identity Crisis! makes its 'point'

In the past few weeks, I've enjoyed walking into bookstores and seeing that the spine of my book Identity Crisis! is living up to its desired effect. HOW Book designer Grace Ring did a great job creating an image that does kind of "yell" at the customer perusing the design volume shelves.

Just yesterday, someone with whom I was having coffee mentioned how eye-catching the spine, and book cover, were when seen in a store among other books. I replied that when HOW Books acquisitions editor Megan Patrick informed me of the working title Identity Crisis, back in February 2006, I sent her the following email:

Maybe it should be "Identity Crisis!" - with an exclamation point. One of my clients just went through hers and it needed/deserved the additional punctuation!

Besides, I figured it would look good on the spine and cover of the book. It does!

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