FreelanceSwitch posts Identity Crisis! interview

Today the web presence FreelanceSwitch posted an interview with me about my career and the book Identity Crisis! The piece, "Veteran Designer Embraces Identity Crisis and Casual Fridays," was written by Kristen Fischer.

FreelanceSwitch is an online resource for all independent creatives, offering advice, articles, podcasts, a job board, and a community forum for designers, writers, photographers, web developers and others.

Kristen Fischer, an independent copywriter and editor, is also the author of the book Creatively Self-Employed. I was one of the "creative types" featured in the January 2007 release.

Identity Crisis! released in UK and Europe

Today, December 28th, is the official release date for Identity Crisis! in Europe according to distributor David and Charles. The book should soon be available at the sites for Amazon Germany, France and U.K. - as well as at local bookstores in many countries.

It's all about proper product placement

When my first book, The Savvy Designer's Guide to Success, was released in 2004, my friend Lisa was known to reorganize bookstore shelves when coming across the volume in retail locations. As she would remind me, "It's all about proper product placement."

I now think about what she said every time I see my new book, Identity Crisis!: 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities into Successful Brands, on a store shelf. I am always very much aware of proper product placement.

Why look, there's Identity Crisis! featured on the shelf above the design section - right next to my friend Von Glitschka's book Crumble, Crackle, Burn: 120 Stunning Textures for Design and Illustration - another HOW Books offering. What are the odds? How did that happen?

(Actually, I had just set up my little photo shoot and taken three photos, when the store manager and security were immediately all over me asking what I was doing. After explaining that I was the author of the book, and showing them some identification, I was no longer considered a possible criminal or security risk.)

Identity Crisis! has broad appeal - Designorati

With the subhead "Portland logo designer’s book illustrates ins and outs of brand rethinks in format that pleases both the logo maven and at least a few members of the public at large," writer Samuel John Klein has reviewed Identity Crisis: 50 Redesigns That Transformed Stale Identities into Successful Brands for the industry resource Designorati.

In part, Klein comments:

One thing we found in showing the book to some of our non- design-oriented friends was how popular it became amongst them. When they saw us reading it, they though maybe it was yet another design book for designers; when they got a chance to look into it, they couldn’t put it down–we had to pry it out of their hands just to get it back!

We’ve long felt that the public at large is more interested in design than they think they are, and for us, Identity Crisis! serves as evidence, aided and abetted by Jeff Fisher’s friendly style. This book will find a home not only on designer’s shelves but also the bookshelves of those who just plain like design and good writing.

The entire review is available on the Designorati site.

Identity Crisis! showcased in HOW Magazine

This afternoon I received my February 2008 issue (Yes, I do realize it is still December 2007) of HOW Magazine in the mail. I was sitting in a holiday shopping traffic jam flipping through the publication when I came upon a major promotion for my book Identity Crisis!: 50 redesigns that transformed state identities into successful brands on the book promotion page. That's the opening spread of the multi-page Space Needle case study, by Hornall Anderson Design Works, featured in the piece.

My relationship with HOW goes back a few years now. I've been a speaker at several HOW Design Conferences, and will be making the presentation "Planning, Packaging & Promoting Yourself as the Product" at the May 2008 event in Boston. I've also been a member of the HOW Design Conference Advisory Council for a while. In the past I have also written articles for HOW, been featured in several others, and I serve on the HOW Magazine Editorial Advisory Board. HOW Books is also the publisher of my books The Savvy Designer's Guide to Success and Identity Crisis!

The fun staff at HOW has always made me feel like part of the family - so, maybe promoting my book in such a big way is kind of nepotism. I think I'll look at is as a great holiday gift from the whole clan.

Identity Crisis! on The Designer's Bookshelf

This morning I got the latest email DT&G newsletter from The Design Center. The monthly missive is always a reminder to check out the latest on the site. Of course, when visiting the design industry resource, I always have to check out the new books listed. I was pleased to see Identity Crisis! listed in the design section of The Designer's Bookshelf.

Check out Identity Crisis! - literally

It's great to hear that designers and students are already able to find Identity Crisis! at some libraries. A couple local facilities have let me know that the book is available for users to check out, including the library at the Art Institute of Portland.

The Art Institute of Portland is a great facility. In the past I have spoken to classes, participated in portfolio reviews and served on the professional advisory committee for the Graphic Design and Interactive Media programs. Another speaking engagement, to discuss Identity Crisis!, is being scheduled for after the first of the year.

I do appreciate the fact that, as a "friend of the Art Institute," bLog-oMotives has been listed as a resource on the library homepage.

Identity Crisis! makes its 'point'

In the past few weeks, I've enjoyed walking into bookstores and seeing that the spine of my book Identity Crisis! is living up to its desired effect. HOW Book designer Grace Ring did a great job creating an image that does kind of "yell" at the customer perusing the design volume shelves.

Just yesterday, someone with whom I was having coffee mentioned how eye-catching the spine, and book cover, were when seen in a store among other books. I replied that when HOW Books acquisitions editor Megan Patrick informed me of the working title Identity Crisis, back in February 2006, I sent her the following email:

Maybe it should be "Identity Crisis!" - with an exclamation point. One of my clients just went through hers and it needed/deserved the additional punctuation!

Besides, I figured it would look good on the spine and cover of the book. It does!