Designers Who Blog has "Identity Crisis!"

A special thanks to my friend Cat Morley for adding Identity Crisis! to the Designers Who Blog list. Cat and I have multiple connections through design industry online forums, Creative Latitude, NO!SPEC, other design-related web presences - and having actually spent time together in Seattle on two of her recent visits to the U.S.

In poking around the blog-o-sphere, I've also found references to the book Identity Crisis! at Method to the Mayhem, Design Cultures, POPwink, The Whine Cooler, Tapp-d and elsewhere. I really appreciate the interest in the book. Thanks!


Jake said...

Glad to mention you Jeff! Impressed with the first book and I am sure we will all be impressed with the new one. Can't wait to read it!!

Catherine said...

Hey Jeff, what a nice thanks. Thanks! I'm looking forward to reading your next book. And your next and next after that.

And I'll bring them all to Seattle to get your sig. Or, you could always bring them to Bangkok :-D