Jack Anderson pens Identity Crisis! foreward

One of the great aspects of writing books about the graphic design industry is having the opportunity to meet people you admire. A few years ago, while writing the book The Savvy Designer's Guide to Success, I sought out design career suggestions and advice from many industry leaders. The vast majority responded immediately with "I'd love to contribute to your book."

Jack Anderson, Founding Partner and Creative Director of Hornall Anderson Design Works, invited me to interview him personally. As I was going to Seattle about once a month at the time, it was easy to schedule a visit to the company's headquarters. Anderson could not have been more gracious in providing me a bit more than an hour of his time - and giving me a personal tour of the incredible Hornall Anderson office space. (For a look at the firm's home, check out the article by Carmen Pease in the August 2007 issue of HOW Magazine) He also provided some great input for Savvy Designer.

When it came time to select an individual to write the foreward of Identity Crisis!: 50 redesigns that transformed stale identities into successful brands the first person that came to mind was Jack Anderson. The work and reputation of Anderson, and that of the firm Hornall Anderson, made him a natural to provide his thoughts on the topic of clients having an "identity crisis" and needing design expertise in the process of creating a new corporate identity as part of the rebranding process.

The "powers that be" at HOW Design Books were thrilled at the prospect of Anderson writing the foreward of Identity Crisis!. The invitation was extended and readily accepted. I'm grateful for the assistance of Christina Arbini, Public Relations Manager for Hornall Anderson, in coordinating the foreward process and submissions of the firm's additional contributions to the book.

In his writing, Anderson provides excellent advice to the business considering an identity re-design and the designer taking on the challenge. It's a great addition to Identity Crisis!. I'm once again honored to have his participation in a book I've written.

Note: Photo courtesy of Hornall Anderson Design Works

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